10 MSP Vehicle Testing

The New R 1200 RT-P display the impressive cornering clearance which provides added safety

11 Flagler County Sheriff's Office - Florida

Flagler County Sheriff's New Motors Prepared by BMW Motorcycles of Jacksonville

11 MSP Vehicle Testing

The R 1200 RT-P clocked a top speed of 141 MPH at the Michigan State Police Vehicle Testing.

13 Cape Coral PD's New R 1200 RT-P

Cape Coral PD's New R 1200 RT-P

13 Cape Coral Police Department - Florida

Cape Coral PD's New Motors Prepared by BMW Motorcycles of Ft. Myers

131 Cape Coral Police Department on the Road

Cape Coral PD Riding Their New R 1200 RT-P Motors

132 California State University Los Angeles PD

Cal State LA's New Motors Prepared by Long Beach BMW Motorcycles

133 Saint Johns County Sheriffs - Florida

Prepared by BMW Motorcycles of Jacksonville

134 UL Lafayette Police Department

Prepared by BMW Motorcycles of Baton Rouge

2 The New 2015 R 1200 RT-P Wet Clutch!

The New Slipper/Gripper Clutch can be changed in an hour!

3 The New 2015 R 1200 RT-P

Precision liquid cooling keeps the engine from overheating when stopped or in slow traffic.

4 The New 2015 R 1200 RT-P

All lighting is enclosed in the new low-profile housing including emergency lights, high mounted brake / tail, side turn signals and ID lights.

5 The New 2015 R 1200 RT-P

New Duplex Emergency Light remains on antenna mount when the radio box lid is raised to access computers, printers, etc.

6 The New 2015 R 1200 RT-P

Optional light illuminates saddlebag for 15 seconds when you pass your hand by the lens (proximity sensor activated).

7 The New 2015 R 1200 RT-P

New handlebar switches provide easier access to siren, emergency lights as well as other useful functions

8 The New 2015 R 1200 RT-P

New TFT information display provides a host of information including system voltage, tire pressures, ambient air temp, range to empty, etc.

9 The New 2015 R 1200 RT-P

New Siren System is lighter and louder with less current draw.

Aurora Police Department

BMW Alley Lights - Standard Equipment

Select white side facing front LED emergency lights to get the most benefit from the standard Alley Light feature on your MY2011 or later R 1200 RT-P

F 800 GT-P

Check out the new F 800 GT-P from the Michigan State Police and Los Angeles Sheriff's Department Vehicle Tests.

Los Angeles Sheriff's Department

At the 100th anniversary of the LAPD Motor Unit

Michigan State Police

Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear!

Henderson County Sheriff's Office, North Carolina

South Lake Tahoe Police Department

Virginia Beach Police Department

New GMSF Software is now available with ISTA-P V56.2 to correct handlebar switch issues and output timing - get your software updated at the next scheduled service. LASD 2015 Vehicle Test Report is here under Products / Agency Reviews. The new R 1200 RT-P Brochure and configurator sheet under Products / Sales Information ... The new model R 1200 RT-P featuring an 8-disc slipper-gripper self-adjusting wet clutch that takes only one hour to change when needed. Call 201-264-8365 today for more information.